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Nicoticket Strawnilla e-juice: Strawberry + Vanilla = Strawberry Milkshake ejuice by Nicoticket (Omaha, Nebraska) - Mystic Vapor Canada

Nicoticket (Omaha, Nebraska)

Nicoticket Strawnilla e-juice: Strawberry + Vanilla = Strawberry Milkshake

$8.99 $27.50

What makes Strawnilla e-juice by Nicoticket so special?  It all starts with natural vanilla flavoring... like Frenilla - Strawnilla uses more vanilla compared to the other vanilla products. 

In addition to larger quantities of vanilla extract, the vanilla we employ in Strawnilla steeps twice as long as the vanilla used in Custard's Last Stand or Creme Brulee... the end result is the most 'natural' and 'authentic' vanilla base on the market. 

Finally, we add a generous amount of natural strawberry flavoring, and a little secret zing, to produce a vape that closely resembles strawberry milk or a strawberry shake.


This is an exceptionally well balanced vape - big bold flavor, more than adequate vapor production, and just the right amount of throat hit to leave you satisfied. 

Sweet but not overly so, Strawnilla e-juice by Nicoticket is extremely difficult to 'scorch!' 

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