Air Factory: Mystery Mixed Berry Vape Juice - $27.97 / 60 ML
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Air Factory

Air Factory - Mystery Mixed Berry Vape Juice

$27.97 $39.99

Award-winning Mystery Vape Juice by Air Factory is an irresistibly mysterious blend of berries and a hint of sweet tropical mystery fruits that will keep your taste buds guessing.

With such an enigmatic and sinfully delicious berry & tropical fruit blend, it's no wonder Mystery by Air Factory is one of the top selling vape juices in the World!

-Andrew's take: Mystery slams you in the tastebuds with complexity! I can't quite nail this berry fruit combo down, all I know is that this vape juice is crazy delicious!

Unravel Air Factory's Mystery berry blend in this award-winning vape juice for yourself today at the lowest price in Canada!

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