Candy King - GUSH Fruit Punch Vape Juice 100 ML
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Candy King

Candy King - GUSH Fruit Punch Vape Juice 100 ML

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Candy King Gush Vape Juice is a fruit punch infused with five delicious fruit gushing gummy squares, creating their own “Gush” of flavor. Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, green apple & orange!

Just imagine all the tart, tangy, sour, and sweetened notes combining together as one. First, taste the tart notes of blueberry and raspberry together as they rock your tongue. Then the sour green apple and tangy notes from the orange come out. The very last thing is the sweet victory of strawberry coming in to save the day, smoothing out the last of the tart and sour.

Treat yourself to an incredible medley of fruit flavors with Candy King GUSH vape juice!

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